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For decades edible swallow bird nest has been a luxury cuisine and once served only to chinese emperor. During the golden period in Tang Dynasty’s era, only the family of the Emperor and his court officials has the privilege to consume this supreme delicacy. It was after the era of Emperors ended, that the common people were introduced to swallow nest, where it was now widely termed as bird’s nest.

Edible bird nests are among the most expensive animal products consumed by humans, They are particularly prized in Chinese culture due to their rarity, demand and price for bird’s nest remains sky high.

No Additives

All of our bird nest are harvested naturally, hand-washed with water.

Free of bleaching and artificial color.

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100% Authentic

All of our nest are harvested from Kalimantan where most of edible bird nest originate from.

As an Indonesia company we have wide range of grade to multiple location of our Kalimantan bird nest.


Indonesia is the largest bird's nest producer in Southeast Asia, exporting around 2,000 tonnes per year, followed by Malaysia at 600 tonnes, and Thailand, 400 tonnes. The Philippines, around five tonnes per year, is the smallest producer, Source Wikipedia

As an Indonesia bird nest producer , we have the capabilities to offer price with no markup of middleman.

We pride ourselves to maintain clean, good shape and no additives bird nest with export quality. We have been supplying multiple supply chain and retail stores in Indonesia, Singapore, Hongkong and United states.

Due to our access to multiple bird nest houses that we own in various location, we are able to offer various grades and multiple swallow bird nest type. If you are looking for products that are unavailable in our stores please contact us

Worldwide Shipping

We deliver authentic and high quality ready to cook bird's nest directly to our customers worldwide with tracking number.

100% Authentic

Finest ensure that all of our products undergo strict quality control to ensure that only the finest nests are delivered to you. No Bleaching, No Dyeing, and No Dangerous Chemical.


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