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About the product

White bird nest is the most popular bird’s nest in the market. Considered a delicacy in China and Asian countries, white bird’s nest is also widely used in Chinese medicine and is a rich source of minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids.

Grade (AA) white bird’s nest is the excellent grade with moderate and smooth shape and put on the market with an affordable price. Perfect for gift, special occasion and personal consumption. Excellent in quality. Provides excellent nutritional support for men, women and children.

Finest’s White Cup Nest has gone through a very strict quality control and safe to consume while preserving the natural health benefits of the white birds nest.

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Product Dimensions
5 - 8 gram / cup
0.176 - 0.282 oz / cup

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There are three options of weight you can choose:

  • 250 gram / 8.81 oz per box
  • 500 gram / 17.63 oz per box
  • 1 kg / 35.27 oz per box
You can do multiple order from the available weight

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How To Use


Consume cooked bird’s in the morning or before sleep on an empty stomach. Alternatively, consume once every three days.

Steamed bird's nest wrap in spinach

Running out of ideas to savour bird's nest? Whip up a tasty bird's nest gourmet with Chef Christopher Yee's recipe.


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We deliver authentic and high quality ready to cook bird's nest directly to our customers worldwide with tracking number.

100% Authentic

Finest ensure that all of our products undergo strict quality control to ensure that only the finest nests are delivered to you. No Bleaching, No Dyeing, and No Dangerous Chemical.


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