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About the product

Pamper yourself and your loved ones with our special luxury gift box today. Wrap your premium bird’s nest with our luxury gift box for your special occasions or present to your family or colleagues. Covered in a beautiful red wine colored leather case with unique carving motif near the handle, this gift box is both presentable, protective and elegant. Finest’s Luxury Box is a perfect gift for any occasions.

Finest’s luxury gift box is sold separately with the bird’s nest.

Additional Information

Product Dimensions
Length : 32 cm , Width : 29 cm , Thickness : 7.5 cm

Shipping Weight
500 gram / 17.63 oz per box

Domestic Shipping
Domestic shipping to any city in indonesia is using JNE / TIKI with 3-5 days arrival

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This item is eligible for international shipping worldwide.

How To Use


Put your premium bird’s nest neatly into the gift box to protect it from dust, direct sunlight and shock. Its beautiful and elegant leather case would not only make it eye-catchy but also protect it from any harm.

Steamed bird's nest wrap in spinach

Running out of ideas to savour bird's nest? Whip up a tasty bird's nest gourmet with Chef Christopher Yee's recipe.


Worldwide Shipping

We deliver authentic and high quality ready to cook bird's nest directly to our customers worldwide with tracking number.

100% Authentic

Finest ensure that all of our products undergo strict quality control to ensure that only the finest nests are delivered to you. No Bleaching, No Dyeing, and No Dangerous Chemical.


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